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We are an NGO of young people working in the area of Goverment Schools and Primary Education in Andhra Pradesh, India. We have been working to provide quality education to the Underpriviledged children in the Government schools and empower them.
Although India is amongst the ten fastest growing economies in the world, it still has a third of the world’s illiterates. According to global education report of 2004, India’s ranking was 106 out of 127 countries in the education sphere. With 34 per cent of the illiterate population in the world, India has the largest number of illiterates by far – with second placed China at 11 per cent. Sixty years after independence, with 40 per cent of its population under 18 – India is now confronting the perils of its failure to educate its citizens, notably the poor.
Even though many children attend schools, they remain ill-equipped. A survey in 2007which was conducted across 16,000 villages, found that while many more children were sitting in class, vast numbers of them could not read, write or perform basic arithmetic, to say nothing of those who were not in school at all.The attitude of the concerned authorities towards the plight of children is callous, indifferent and inhumane and the authorities seem to have lost all sense of responsibility and duty towards the lakhs of children.
There are many reasons for the failure. First of all, there is an acute shortage of teachers. Children often don’t get a support from their parents. Parents seem to be indifferent to their child’s learning and only see them as additional hands for work. There is also longstanding neglect, insufficient public financing and accountability, and a lack of motivation among some teachers to pay special attention to poor children from lower castes. Even basic amenities like water and electricity are not being provided.
There is a need for urgency. Education levels need to be improved. India with the second largest population in the world cannot develop with such a bad indicator. Furthermore, illiteracy leads to other problems such as poverty and unemployment.
Our Lets Teach Program is an internship which connects youngsters with the Government schools and provides an oppurtunity to teach the kids at our government schools for 2 hours a week. The specially designed ciricullum focuses on English, Life Skills and Values. The Interns are provided with one week orientation on how to teach and encourage the kids. It is a one year internship Program.
Our Lets Build Initiative works to make government schools better places to study and for the overall development of a kid. Under this Initiative, we adopt government schools and transform them into model school by providing Infrastructure, Teaching Tools, Toilets, Drinking water, Value classes, Computer Training and other facilities.
Dialouge is a project under which we organize youth conferences, panel discussions and youth related events. These events are organized to encourage youth participation in community service and social responsibility.
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